Impact BDC

The sole goal of IMPACT BDC is simple…“We are trying to turn your CRM into an ATM!”©  Our focus is on the RETENTION & CONQUEST of your customers! Retention of your internal customers(Your Employees) & external customers(Your Database of Customers), while winning new CONQUEST employees & customers to your business. Both are critical to the business’s bottom line, brand reputation, & legacy. So if we positively impact & increase the customer’s experience we will consequently increase the revenue opportunities! Thus, we will be “Growing Your Business by Growing Your People!”©

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Impact BDC Service and Sales Academy

Our BDC Service and Sales Academy is an E-Workshop…Energy, Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Enterprising for ALL dealership personnel connected to the Business Development Center. This is where attendees learn that they are establishing a Business Development Culture not Center. Attendees will learn to have fun while getting things done at work and that it is never acceptable to come to work to whine or wait for customers to call or come to the dealership, but to become proactive creators than waiters! The substance of the training provides a simplified explanation of Theory, Mechanics, and Application training on telephone, email, text, and communication theory using IMPACT techniques and optimally maximized total lead exhaustion management processes, coupled with the filming and recording of phone calls to dealership customers where they will schedule appointments.

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Impact Performance Partner…an Expert Business Solutions Consultant!

Through a process called Maximized Lead Exhaustion(MLE), your Impact BDC Performance Partner will provide an organization the thorough & tested tools of structured consistent follow up, customer communication control techniques, & management accountability protocols & processes. When you partner with IMPACT BDC, you partner with a team of dealership solutions experts who will mentor & optimize the activity & progression of your BDC to meet you where your performance levels currently are & grow you from there to optimal performance levels. We preach & teach accountability, such that our Performance Partners will consistently provide expert solutions to your business’s deficiencies!

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Impact Recruiting & Staffing Solutions

What does hiring the wrong individual cost any business? So when it comes to finding the right individual, we employ the newest technology and qualified recruiters to locate an individual who has a driven personality that matches your business development culture. We secure intense and mature employees who are proactive, not reactive, at producing leads from revenue generated activities. Every employee must be adding to the bottom line each day with a positive will-set that through IMPACT training will have a matching skill-set! Put us to work to get you a formidable return on your human capital.

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Where We Help

Whether you are an automobile, motorcycle, boat, RV, or bicycle dealer, have peace of mind knowing BDC is ALL WE DO!

  • Service & Sales BDC Installation
  • Manufacturer BDC Audits
  • Retention & Conquest Focus
  • Creating & Driving Traffic
  • Consistent Customer Follow Up
  • Organizational Structure
  • Customer Initial Response Times
  • Quality of Responses/ Techniques
  • Appointment Scheduling Mngmnt
  • Process & Lead Execution
  • Brand Reputation Mngmnt
  • Performance Metrics Mngmnt
  • Recruiting & Staffing Solutions
  • CSI & ESI Focus
  • Dealership Communication
  • Accountability Protocols
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Management Engagement



“What you don’t know can hurt you!” At IMPACT BDC we say, “If your employees don’t grow it’s because they don’t know and consequently your business won’t grow!” When were they trained last?
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You know what makes you great! But what makes you legendary? Growth will always be found in the missed opportunities that you may not be aware of throughout your business! Solid data & consistent follow up?
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Lead Management

Inspecting your expectations? Every employee know the cost per lead? Where structured accountability & a fervent focus on the consistency of your processes & execution is not a request but a requirement!
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Training & Consulting

Many training companies and consultants are experts at telling people what to do but are amateurs at showing others how to execute! We create accountable, passionate performers and executioners!
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Impact BDC Installation and BDC Restoration


Most employees in any business do not know how to control or make IMPACT with customers and are reactive to customer engagements and inquiries rather than being proactive and trained on what to say to a customer and even how they are communicating to a customer. They lack the appropriate techniques because they have not been appropriately or consistently trained or their training has not been updated! Business growth will always be found in the deficiencies & missed opportunities that currently do not exist or are being mismanaged by untrained employees or are not being properly held accountable by management!

IMPACT BDC will help dealerships improve initial response times to client inquiries as well as an IMPACT strategy for consistent long term follow up process. We will accomplish this by establishing or restoring the appropriate accountability protocols and process execution techniques. Remember, our sole mission is to “Turn your CRM into an ATM.” We will provide the necessary skillsets and techniques, but also demonstrate with live customers the IMPACT approach. Showing employees how to execute is critical to buy in from ALL employees. The question then arises, “Is it a REQUEST or REQUIREMENT” for employees to execute certain tasks by management?

Where there is no accountability and engagement from management, there is no awareness of the IMPACT a bdc brings to a dealership! Most BDC’s have failed because instead of having a business development culture, the BDC has turned into a business drama center where there is a lack of engagement between management and the BDC. Others have failed because the initial installation did not properly establish a foundation of solid BDC techniques and processes, along with communicating to management what are realistic timeline expectations and results. And too, many have succumb because the BDC was viewed as an expense and not a consistently profitable department.

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Impact Results & Client Testimonials

We certainly would toot our own horn when it comes to the IMPACT of our business services, but who would take us seriously? Don’t take our word for who we are and what we can do for your brand, reputation management, business and your employees. Here are our partners with their own IMPACT statements!

For this reason,  we kindly thank our partners and look forward to capturing your testimony about our products and services that truly will have IMPACT on your employees, customers, community, manufacturer, and business legacy.

Client Testimonials

"If you are a business friend and I personally refer you to IMPACT BDC and you are not satisfied with the services, I will personally pay your invoice! Our dealerships have experienced growth utilizing the services of IMPACT BDC for service!"

Damian Mills-Dealer Principle, Mills Automotive Group

"I'd recommend IMPACT BDC because of the professionalism IMPACT BDC Performance Partners bring to the table with cutting edge techniques, and common sense, down to earth ideas that bring people from the Internet to the store! IMPACT's training has had a profound affect in our BDC here at Joe Rizza Ford!"

J.B. Johnson-General Manager, Joe Rizza Ford of North Riverside

"IMPACT IMPACT IMPACT! We've had a relationship with Impact BDC since 2012 and we only wish we had started sooner because the growth of our BDC began then. We grew to have nearly 10,000 R.O's monthly! "

Peter Boesen-General Manager, South Bay BMW

"I have been in this business since the 70's and have never felt this enthused about partnering with an organization that candidly has given our people and business a needed and timely boost!"

D. Nichols-Founder & President, American Automotive Corporation

"These ladies and gentlemen have absolutely turned my crm into an atm! However, beyond making money, I really like seeing my performance partner each month because they hold me and my team ACCOUNTABLE to each day! "

Alfred Glover- Dealer Principle, Alfred Glover's Boon Ford Lincoln

"I was a skeptic initially because of the nature of any vendor's claims to grow a business! I must say I have been proven differently because IMPACT BDC has earned their pay with the tremendous results we have experienced! They sincerely have helped me keep my employees ACCOUNTABLE each day!"

Jeremy Guenther- Executive Service Director, Peterson Automotive Collection

"I played in the NBA and these performance partners know how to score consistently! More importantly though, they have shown my employees how to score and SLAM DUNK!!"

Alvin Heggs- Dealer Principle, Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

"I attended the IMPACT Academy thinking it would be nearly impossible for me to learn more about running a BDC! In 3 days I learned more about how to run a dealership and build a business development cultural center! Knowing what I know now, I would have paid ten times their registration fee!"

Mehdi Benzakour- GSM, Jack Wilson Buick GMC